How to Wear Loafers With Jeans

how to wear loafers with jeans

Loafers are versatile shoes that can be worn in a variety of settings. However, there are some occasions when loafers don’t seem to fit the outfit or the setting. One such situation is when loafers are paired with jeans. In this article, we will explore different ways to wear loafers with jeans so that you can get the most out of your shoes.

History of loafers and their versatility

how to wear loafers with jeans

Loafers are a type of slip-on shoe that originated in Norway in the 1930s and has since become popular worldwide. They were originally designed for comfort but quickly became adopted as a symbol of style and fashion. This versatility has been part of their appeal from the beginning, as they can be worn with both formal and casual attire.

How to wear loafers with jeans

When it comes to wearing loafers with jeans, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. The key is to find the right balance between formal and casual. Here are some tips for finding the perfect combination:

Choosing the right loafer style:

Loafers come in a variety of styles, from formal to casual and everything in between. When wearing them with jeans, it’s important to choose the right style for the occasion. For example, if you’re attending a more formal event, opt for a classic leather loafer or an Italian-style penny loafer. If you’re headed to a more casual gathering, try a slip-on sneaker or boat shoe.

Choosing the right jeans:

The type of jeans you pair your loafers with will also affect the overall look. If you’re going for a dressier look, opt for slim fit or straight-leg jeans in dark washes. For a more casual look, try classic blue jeans or distressed denim.

Match the color of your loafers to your jeans:

This will create a unified look that is stylish and polished. For example, if you are wearing dark blue jeans, try pairing them with brown or black loafers. A white polo shirt and khakis will look great with a pair of navy blue loafers.

Choose the right socks:

For a more formal look, choose dress socks that match the color of your shoes. For a more casual look, opt for no-show socks or even go without socks entirely. White socks can make the outfit look too casual, so it’s best to avoid them.

Match the color of the shoes to the jeans:

To achieve a polished look, make sure to match the color of your shoes to the color of your jeans or pleated pants. This will add a cohesive and stylish touch to your outfit.

Mix-up textures:

To avoid looking too formal, mix up the textures in your outfit. A leather loafer paired with denim jeans is the perfect combination for an elevated casual look. Blue denim can also be paired with velvet or suede loafers for a stylish and fashionable look.


Finally, accessorizing with the right items can help to tie your outfit together. Try pairing your loafers and jeans with an oxford shirt for a preppy look or a lightweight sweater for something more relaxed. Add a leather belt and a cotton scarf for an extra touch of style.

What are the different styles of loafers and how to style them with jeans?

how to wear loafers with jeans

Loafers come in a variety of styles, including tassel loafers, moccasin loafers, penny loafers, and slip-on loafers. Each style can be worn with jeans to create different looks.

Tassel Loafers:

Tassel loafer is a more formal style of loafer that can be combined with jeans to create a stylish and sophisticated look. Try pairing tassel loafers with dark denim jeans to add an elegant touch to your outfit.

Moccasin Loafers:

Moccasin loafers are a more casual style of loafer that can be worn with jeans for a relaxed, yet stylish look. Try pairing moccasin loafers with light wash jeans for an effortless outfit.

Penny Loafers:

Penny loafers are a classic loafer style that can be easily combined with denim for a preppy and polished look. Try pairing penny loafers with tailored jeans for an elevated casual look.

Slip-On Loafers:

Slip-on loafers are a great option for those who want to achieve a more casual look, but still maintain a sense of style and sophistication. Try pairing slip-on loafers with dark-wash jeans or ripped jeans for an easy and effortless outfit.

Apron loafers:

Apron loafers are a great option for those who want to add some personality and flair to their outfit. Try pairing apron loafers with jeans to create an eye-catching, unique look. You can also try pairing them with chinos or dress pants for a more formal outfit.

Horsebit Loafers:

Horsebit loafers, more commonly known as Gucci loafers are considered to be the most dressy type of loafer. As such, they should be paired with dressier jeans (dark wash or tailored) for a more glamorous and sophisticated look. Wear jeans with a slightly cropped length, to show off the detail of the shoes.

Pairing loafers with jeans is an easy way to create a stylish and polished look. Remember to choose the right loafer style for your outfit and always keep in mind the balance between formal and casual when putting together your ensemble. With these tips, you are sure to be able to rock loafers with jeans like a pro!

How to style loafers with tailoring

Tailoring is the perfect way to dress up a pair of loafers. You can wear trousers with tailored jackets, blazers, and coats for a formal look. For a more casual look, you can style loafers with chinos or cotton trousers. Loafers also look great when paired with shorts of various lengths. Whether you are wearing tailored trousers, chinos, or shorts, make sure to match the color of your shoes with your outfit for a more polished look. Try wearing oversized blazer with wide-leg trousers and loafers for an effortless yet stylish look.


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What are the best brands of loafers and where to buy them

There are many great brands that make quality loafers such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tod’s, and Prada. Loafers can be purchased from designer stores or online retailers like Mr. Porter, Farfetch, and Mytheresa. You can also find loafer styles from high street stores such as H&M and Zara. With so many options, you can easily find the perfect loafers to complete your look.  ​

​How to take care of your leather loafers

how to wear loafers with jeans

Leather loafers should be treated with care to ensure that they last for a long time. It is important to polish your leather loafers regularly with an appropriate leather cleaner and conditioner. The cleaner will help remove dirt, dust, and debris from the surface of the shoe while the conditioner will help keep the leather soft and supple. Additionally, you should store your leather loafers in a cool, dry place to prevent them from becoming discolored or damaged. 

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FAQs about wearing loafers with jeans 

Q. Are loafers appropriate for casual wear? 

A. Yes, loafers are an appropriate choice for casual attire. They can be paired with jeans or trousers and a variety of tops to create a stylish and comfortable look. 

Q. Can I wear loafers without socks? 

A. Yes, you can wear loafers without socks, but it is important to look for styles that have breathable materials such as leather or canvas. Additionally, you should take extra care not to allow the shoe to become too sweaty by wearing a sockless liner or foot powder. 

Q. When should I avoid wearing loafers? 

A. Loafers should be avoided in formal or semi-formal events. They are best suited for casual and business casual attire. ​

Q. What type of jeans go well with loafers? 

A. Dark wash jeans, ripped jeans, tailored jeans, and chinos all look great when paired with loafers. Choose a loafer style that complements your jeans for a stylish and put-together look.

Final thoughts: How to wear loafers with jeans

Wearing jeans with loafers is an easy way to add style and sophistication to your outfit. Choose the right loafer style for your look and keep in mind the balance between formal and casual when putting together your ensemble. Accessorize with the right items such as oxford shirts, lightweight sweaters, leather belts, and cotton scarves for a fashionable touch.

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