What Color Nails Go With a Blue Dress?

What Color Nails Go With a Blue Dress

We got you covered if you’re stuck trying to decide what color nails go with a blue dress for an upcoming party or wedding. To help, we asked some style experts their opinion on the matter.

You may choose pretty much any color of nail polish and it will pair well with a blue dress. Luckily, we have some great options when it comes to pairing your light blue dress or royal blue dress or dark blue dress with matching jewelry and shoes.

Below you’ll find out what color nail polish goes with a blue dress, as well as how to make your look complete with your nails. We’ll also address some frequent concerns regarding matching your nail color with your attire, so continue reading if you have any more questions.

What Color Nails Go With a Blue Dress

What Color Nails Go With a Blue Dress?


There are many shades of blue. If your dress is a darker navy blue dress, lighten up your nails with ocean blue or even the same shade of navy. Blue nail polish is also perfect for holidays like Fourth of July or beach-themed weddings!


Incorporate green into your wardrobe by matching different shades to clothing you already own. If you have a darker dress, go with mossy green. If you have a sky blue dress, try mint green. The pastel colors are perfect for spring or summer weather. And if you’re feeling daring, step out of your comfort zone with neon green! Add some fun and personality to the outfit with bright jewelry pieces.


A nude color is ideal for a party or a day at the workplace. It’s neutral and goes with almost everything. This is the way to go if you want a more laid-back style without being too colorful. Your nails will appear completed and neat, yet not overly unusual, if you use this hue. Combine your blue dress with nude sandals to complete the look using this skin tone of nail polish colors.


If you’re looking to turn heads, pair a blue dress with red nails. Red lips are the perfect finishing touch. Plus, red and blue are very patriotic – perfect for a picnic or Valentine’s Day. To really make your outfit pop, add some gold or silver jewelry or a sweater.


Do not be put off by a little amount of glitter in your gold nail polish color. You’re ready for a night out in a blue dress, gold nail paint, and heels. Ideal for date night, cocktails with the girls, or New Year’s Eve. The benefit of gold is that it may be worn with almost any color. If you want a little bling to add to your outfit the next day, it will work well with your ensemble. You can complete your look with an item such as this golden belt or handbag.


White is a very versatile color that goes well with many other colors. Blue and white look great together, for example. And don’t be afraid to add some design to your white nails – it can really make them pop! A simple blue flower added to white nails looks beautiful and can dress up a plain blue dress. White sandals are perfect for a day at the beach or even just walking around the park. In winter,white can also be used to great effect – try adding some snowflakes to your nails and pairing them with a cozy white sweater for coffee with friends.


A black nail looks sleek and refined, no matter what shade of blue dress you’re wearing. You could be wearing a blue sundress or a blue ballgown and look amazing with black nails. Pair with comfortable sneakers or heels and you have a completed look with a little edge. Black isn’t only for Halloween, after all.


A wonderful hue for a blue dress is yellow. School bus yellow is an excellent color for school teachers. A bright summer day can be enjoyed with this blue sundress, adorned with golden nails. Yellow is great in the fall season, when leaves begin to fall. For a laid-back appearance with a touch of class, combine the clothing with gold jewelry or yellow flats.


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Should Your Nail Color Match Your Outfit?

Though some might say otherwise, neutral colors are always in style. They send the message that you have your life together and can be matched with any outfit. If you’re short on time, don’t stress about changing your nail color to match what you’re wearing–it’s not worth it. Instead, use nails as an opportunity to experiment with different styles and pops of color. So, stop worrying what color nails go with a blue dress.

What Color Nails Go With a Blue Dress? – Bottom Line

What color nails go with a blue dress? Anything goes, really. You can’t go wrong with nude, red, gold, white, black, or yellow. And if you’re feeling daring, step out of your comfort zone with neon green! Add some fun and personality to the outfit with bright jewelry pieces. The most important thing is that you feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing.



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