Do Fitted Hats Shrink?

do fitted hats shrink


Do fitted hats shrink? This is a question that many people have asked, and the answer is not always clear. In this blog post, we will explore the topic of hat shrinkage and try to provide some answers. We will look at what factors can cause a hat to shrink and how you can prevent it from happening. We will also discuss some tips for dealing with a shrunken hat.

What are the common types of hats?

Before we get into the specifics of do fitted hats shrink, it is important to know the different types of hats that are commonly available. Here are some of the more popular styles:

do fitted hats shrink

Baseball caps: These are the most common type of hat. They have a stiff brim, and typically come in one size fits all sizing.

Fitted hats: These hats are designed to fit the shape of your head with an adjustable strap or elastic band at the back. They do not come in one size fits all sizing.

Beanies: These are a great style for cold weather, as they cover your ears and keep you warm. They do not usually come with any adjustments or straps.

The hat style is important when looking at do fitted hats shrink, as different types of hats are constructed differently and may affect the way they fit and feel.

What is hat shrinkage and why does it happen?

Hat shrinkage occurs when a hat is washed or exposed to high temperatures and the fabric fibers become compressed together, causing the hat to lose its original shape. This can happen with any type of hat, including baseball caps, beanies, and fedoras. The most common cause of hat shrinkage is washing in hot water or drying in a clothes dryer, but it can also happen if the fabric is exposed to direct sunlight or excessive heat.

Do fitted hats shrink?

The answer is yes, fitted hats do tend to shrink more than other types of hats. This is because they are made from a fabric that has been knitted more tightly and doesn’t have as much give. Also, the tight fit of a fitted hat means that there isn’t as much room for the fabric to move and stretch when exposed to high temperatures or water.

Different methods to shrink a fitted hat

There are different ways how to make a fitted baseball hat shrink.

do fitted hats shrink

1. Wash it in hot water.

This is the most common method, involving putting the hat into a washing machine with hot water and detergent. The heat of the water causes the fibers to contract and can result in significant shrinkage.

2. Dry it in a clothes dryer on high heat.

Again, the heat from the dryer will cause the fibers of the hat to shrink. Before using a dryer, you should always check the label on your fitted hat, as some materials do not do well with high temperatures. Use a hair dryer to heat the wet hat until it is comfortable, then wear it until it dries and takes the shape of your head.

3. Applying heat with an iron or hairdryer

The heat from an iron or hairdryer can also shrink a hat. It’s best to do this method in small increments and check the fit of the hat often as you do not want to over-shrink it.

4. Take a hot bath or shower with the hat on

This method involves wearing the fitted hat while taking a hot shower or bath. The heat and moisture will cause the fibers to contract, resulting in shrinkage. Use a towel to remove the excess water, and the hat should fit snugly against your head.

5. Steam the hat

You can also steam a fitted hat to shrink it. To do this, hold the hat over a pot of boiling water or use a steamer and move it back and forth until the fibers contract.

6. Stretching the hat

If you do not want to shrink your fitted hat, you can also stretch it out. To do this, put it on a flat surface and use your hands to pull the fabric gently in different directions. This will help give the hat more room and make it fit better.

Different hat materials and their shrinkage potential

Different hats are made from different materials, each with its own specific care instructions. Check the tag of your hat to see what it is made out of, then follow these steps to learn how to shrink common hat materials.

do fitted hats shrink

1. Cotton:

Cotton is a breathable material that tends to shrink more than other fabrics. To minimize this, wash it in cold water and do not dry it in the dryer.

2. Wool:

A wool hat is usually more durable and less likely to shrink. If it does, do not use hot water or the dryer; instead, spot-treat with warm water and air-dry it flat.

3. Acrylic:

This material is not as prone to shrinking but can still do so if exposed to heat. If you do need to shrink acrylic, do so with cold water and air-dry it flat.

4. Fleece:

Fleece is a synthetic material that can be somewhat sensitive to heat. To minimize the risk of shrinkage, do not use hot water or the dryer; instead, spot-treat with warm water and air-dry it flat.

5. Polyester:

A polyester baseball cap is highly durable and not prone to shrinking. However, if you do need to shrink it, do so with cold water and air-dry it flat.

Final thoughts: Do fitted hats shrink?

Sometimes when we buy a fitted baseball cap, the fit is not quite right. We may find it too loose or snug, and wonder if we can do something to get it just right. The answer is yes, fitted hats do shrink, although different materials will have different levels of shrinkage potential.

There are several different methods to do this, such as washing it in hot water, drying it in a clothes dryer on high heat, applying heat with an iron or hairdryer, taking a hot bath or shower with the hat on, steaming the hat and stretching the hat. Make sure to read the care instructions for your specific type of fitted hat, as some materials do not do well with high temperatures. With the right amount of care and attention, you can get your fitted hat to fit perfectly!



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