Luxury Leather Collars for Your Pampered Pup

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Luxury dog collar from brands such as Burberry, Chanel, Gucci, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, and others are available. These high-end companies are well-known for their apparel and jewelry products, but they also provide fantastic dog collars to fit your dog’s requirements!

If you’re searching for a premium dog collar that will make your dog feel like royalty, this is the post for you! We’ll go through several of the advantages and what makes high-end dog collars so unique.

Designer Dog Collars From High-End Name Brands

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Louis Vuitton

They have a few different choices for your pampered dog. If you’d want a high-quality leather dog collar with beautiful brass hardware and a matching leash, that will set you back $725 ($480 for the leash and $345 for the collar), please let them know.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. has beautiful leather pet collars in Tiffany Blue with palladium plated fittings that are ideal for dogs. The collar ($300) and matching leash ($375) begin at $675.

The cost of the improved harnesses and collars is as follows: Large (XL): $400 for extra-large collar, $425 for biggest leash. Small dogs can be worn in sizes XS through XL. For big dogs, the maximum dimensions are $400 for an extra-large collar and $425 for a huge leash.

Your new dog and cat collars will need to be worn for a few days before your puppies and kittens can feed from new bone china dog and cat bowls, also available at Tiffany. If you like sterling silver dog dishes even more, this is an alternative that costs $2,000.


The Medusa, the Greek guardian who could turn men into stone when they gazed into her eyes, is honored by a collar and leash set from Versace. The lovely collection will preserve your gorgeous guard looking fiercely magnificent. The costume set is made from high-quality black leather and polyester fabric with brass buckles and Medusa studs. The complete cost of the ensemble is $725.

You can top off your gorgeous house with the Barocco Print Dog Bed to make sure your fabulous dog is comfy there. If you have to go out in the rain, the Crete de Fleur Print Dog Rain Coat will keep them looking great.

Ralph Lauren Pet

The Ralph Lauren Sable Woven Leather Dog Collar is a lovely item with real flair. The collar ID plate can be personalized to your dog’s name. Handmade black leather has been carefully woven.

The D-ring, engravable plaque, and buckle are all made of the same metal as their beautiful handbags. The metal will acquire a lovely patina over time, much like many of the finest things in life.

Overall, an excellent value at around $100 depending on the size (XS-L). Ralph Lauren also offers clothes for all dog owners and breeds – including basic Polo shirts, sweaters, and coats.


Gucci, a well-known Italian luxury brand known for its high-end clothing items, has some fantastic dog collars to fit your pet’s requirements! When Gucci promotes dog collars and leashes, you should expect to pay more than $1,200.


Burberry has historically produced clothes for dogs, including pullovers and vests. Currently, the website does not feature any dog apparel for sale, although a company like Burberry would undoubtedly have a thriving resale market.

The red-riding-hood eBay seller had one of the most attractive leather dog collars we’ve seen in a long time. For $150, you’re probably getting a fantastic bargain.


Hermès claims that, in terms of human history, their reign is unrivaled. Hermès’ leather dog collars seem to have been influenced by horse saddles and hardware.

They also improve the item by adding high-quality bridle leather and silver plated stainless steel metal. This is exemplified with the Etrivierre II Dog Collar. It exudes exquisite workmanship, which will endure a lifetime for $630.

The matching collars and leashes, made of high-quality wool and leather, are also lovely. The Rocabar and Medor style series are unquestionably the finest designer dog collars available. To add a set to your cart, you’ll need to budget approximately $1,380 ($630 for the collar and $750 for the leash/

Bitch New York

We’re not talking about a regular dog collar. These are stylish add-ons for the world’s most fashionable dogs. Bitch New York is a one-stop shop for pet gear. They’ve been designing dog leashes, dog collar charms, collars, dog sweaters, and other dog clothing since 2018.

Bitch New York sells a variety of goods to fit the needs of your pet. Dog carriers, automobile seats, strollers, furniture, and even sports fan apparel are all available. They began in New York City but have expanded their operations to serve clients across the world. They are recognized for producing high-quality goods.


Accessories can make or break an outfit, as the fashionista understands. The same may be said for your four-legged companion! The 032C Black Leather Collar is constructed of the finest quality materials while also being very convenient with an adjustable rapid release clasp.

This essential pup accessory was created by Berlin-based designer Maria Koch. The SSENSE website claims that this costs $240 USD.


Dan and Dean Caten, twin Canadian-born designers, create high-end designer items. Their most recent collar is a joint project with Poldo Dog Couture and is composed of black calfskin. Isn’t it fantastic? $230 USD Dan & Dean Caten are Italian designers who produce excellent designer products.

For those of you searching for something unique to dress up your dog in, DSQUARED2 has just the thing! The Grey Poldo Dog Couture Edition Maple Ottawa Hoodie is incredibly adorable and appears to be quite comfy on your beloved dog. Price: $420 USD


The newest hot commodity in the pet accessories business is an American jewelry designer of silver plated chain leashes, Martine Ali. The Brooklyn-based designer develops a one-of-a-kind product that replaces traditional nylon or leather dog leashes with a more stylish option.

At only $180, this One of a Kind Silver Plated Brass Silver Tri Mix Leash is made by an expert maker in the United States. This item is attractive and long-lasting for just $180 USD.

Paul Smith

Paul Smith’s dog collars and leashes are a must-have for any feline. The stylish, long-lasting creations are available in a variety of hues and patterns to guarantee your pet stands out from the crowd.

As the number of dogs living in cities continues to grow, it becomes more essential than ever to guarantee that they wear the finest dog collars available. You don’t want your dog to appear like a street urchin when you go for walks with them.

That is why you should be aware that top designers such as Paul Smith now create dog collars that are just as fashionable as your clothes.

The best thing about purchasing a Paul Smith dog leash or collar is that all of the accessories are meant to go with each other, so you may get your dog a collar that matches the new leash without having to worry about patterns and colors clashing.

Maximum Henry 

Since 2008, this Brooklyn-based designer has been a driving force in the development and production of leather dog collars and leads. When Henry Cohen realized that most high-end dog collars and leads were constructed from low-quality leathers with uninteresting designs, he decided to start his own company.

Maximum Henry was created by Brandon and his artistic Brooklyn family. Since then, they’ve earned a name for using only the highest quality leather, as well as for creating a variety of stunning dog collars and leashes for dogs all around the world.

If you’re looking for an heirloom-quality work of art that will last a lifetime, Maximum Henry’s goods are a great place to start. Given the high quality — currently $85 USD — the products are reasonably priced.


Dog Collar, Genuine Leather Dog Collar
  • 100% genuine leather: Leather dog collar is made of top layer cowhide, soft, flexible, and durable, which will not harm your dog's skin, and is comfortable to wear for a long time. Heavy duty 350lb pull power large dog collar, typically 3-5 years of use.
  • Full size for choice: Small Dog Collar (S) : width 0.8", 13.4"-15.8" neck size; Medium Dog Collar (M):width 1", 15.2"-19.2" neck size; Large Dog Collar(L) : width 1.2", 16.2"-22" neck size; Extra Large Dog Collar(XL) : width 1.4", 18.6"-25.8" neck size, please measure your pet's neck before ordering.
  • Well hardware: We use high-quality metal buckles instead of plastic buckles, which are both good-looking and durable. The D-ring is welded, with great strength and durability. And One D-ring for attaching the dog leash and the other for the ID tag. The Genuine Leather Dog Collar is perfect for daily walking, training, and outdoor sports.
  • Ideal gift: The dog collars equipped with an exquisite gift box can be an ideal gift for your friends and new neighbors. It's also a perfect choice as a festival gift. Brown dog collars fit almost all dog types, such as Alaskan Malamute, Golden retriever, Labrador, Bulldog, Corgi, etc.
  • After-sale service: 60 days no reason to return, one year quality guarantee, if the products you purchased have quality issues, please feel free to contact us at first, we will resend a new one or refund to you.
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What is the most expensive dog collar ever made?

The “La Collection De Bijoux,” a collection of six masterpiece-quality luxury dog collars, includes the “Amour, Amour” collar, which costs $3.2 million. It’s made of crocodile leather and contains over 52 carats (1,600 diamonds) and 18k white gold.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Your Next High-End Pet Collar


It may be tough to find a comfortable collar for your Great Dane, Saint Benard, Teacup Poodle, or Yorkshire Terrier. Luxury brands and stores may not be able to cater to the wide range of dog sizes.

For example, they may not be able to sell many XXL and XXS collars. The best collar size should not restrict your dog’s breathing or fall off. You want to be able to slip two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck.


You must, as with anything that is well made with a luxury, practical, and endurance focus, anticipate to pay for what you are receiving. The prices of pet collars, particularly dog collars, vary considerably.

Higher-end collars will be made of thicker leather and nylon, which means they’ll be sturdier. Stitching will be double or triple stitched, or a heavier thread will be used. Connectors are generally brass or stainless steel in durability and weather resistance.


In this post, we looked at some of the greatest dog collars on the market in order to assist you and your canine keep up with the trends. I also went through what to consider when getting a new dog collar – size and construction.

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