How to Bleach White Dress Shirts

how to bleach white dress shirts


It’s a pain how easily white clothes become stained and lose their vibrancy, but did you know there’s no need to get rid of them? All you have to do is learn how to bleach white dress shirts.

How to Bleach White Dress Shirts

how to bleach white dress shirts

In order to maintain your dress shirt’ quality, make sure you use a good detergent with brighteners and enzymes. If you’re not using enough laundry detergent, it will result in subpar performance– especially if your lightweight dress shirt is heavily soiled, you do extra-large loads of laundry regularly, or live in an area with hard water. Try adding a little more liquid laundry detergent to the wash cycle than usual.

The hotter the wash temperature, the cleaner your white clothing will be. Clothes should be able to move around freely in the water for best results. That’s ¾ cup per regular load and 1¼ cup for an extra-large or heavily soiled load. Then avoid the dryer and let the white shirt air dry on a hanger.

How Do You Prevent White Clothes From Fading?

To whiten men’s dress shirts and keep it looking new, wash them after each wear or as soon away as possible to get rid of any stains, you can also add baking soda. White shirt fabrics and colored clothing like blue shirt should not be washed together.

Use these tips to keep your white clothes looking new: wash with hot water and a laundry detergent that has bleach, don’t under- or overuse detergent, and be careful not to overdry. For the best results, use an ultrasonic washing machine like Sonic Soak.

Tips On How to Bleach White Dress Shirts

If you’re looking to keep your clothes white, there are a few methods you can use, such as bleaching, soaking, and sun-bleaching.


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