Does Cologne Go Bad?

Does Cologne Go Bad


You’ve finally decided to buy that cologne you’ve been wanting.  But before you hand over your hard-earned cash, you want to know: does cologne go bad? If so, how long will my new cologne last? Read on for the good and bad news.

Does Cologne Go Bad?

Does Cologne Go Bad

Although colognes don’t have an expiration date, they generally start to go bad after about two years as they are made with essential oils. However, how long they last depends on the scent’s chemical composition even though they are classified high quality perfumes. You’ll probably notice a difference in the scent. Also, perfumes that contain vegetable oils are more likely to expire quickly.

Over time, every cologne will change in smell, though it may not be accurate to say that the cologne has gone bad. In some cases, a small amount of aging can actually improve the scent by adding complexity and integrating the aromatics.

Good news for cologne users: these products are made to last for years. So, as long as you’re regularly rotating through new ones, you’ll never have to worry about any of your favorites going bad.

Does Cologne Go Bad In Heat?

It’s more difficult to keep your cologne in pristine condition during the summer as opposed to cold weather storage. The alcohol foundation of cologne has a lower evaporation point than water, so it is vulnerable to deteriorating if kept in excessively hot places.

We recommend you store cologne in the spring and summer like this: Never let your cologne bottle sit in direct sunlight, as this will ruin it. The ideal temperature for storing cologne is inside your house where it won’t be exposed to extreme temperatures that could break down the scent molecules. It’s best to keep it concealed in a box or closet so that dust and heat don’t prematurely age it. Additionally, never store your cologne in your car or bag during summer months as excessive heat will damage it.

Does Cologne Go Bad In Cold Weather?

Though you might not expect it, the colder winter months are actually perfect for storing cologne.

Most people don’t know this, but liquid cologne usually has an alcohol base and is mixed with delicate aromatic oils. Because of this, cooler temperatures will make it last longer. You don’t need to keep your cologne in the fridge, but at or below room temperature is best, which cold weather naturally helps with.

Does Expired Perfume Smell Different?

Perfumes and colognes typically have a lifespan of three to five years. After that, the fragrance will go bad. You’ll be able to tell an expired perfume by its smell–it will be dull and flat in comparison to a freshly-bottled scent.

If you have ever experienced this, where you smell a fragrance that is newly bottled and then purchases a bottle of the same scent near its expiration date, You will probably notice that they smell quite similar at first. However, the expired fragrance won’t last as long and smells watered-down.

To discover if your cologne or perfume has expired, check the expiration date on the bottle or packaging. If you can’t find that information, look for the batch number and enter it into CheckFresh, a website dedicated to checking the freshness of personal care products.

Does Cologne Go Bad Once Opened?

If you store your perfume or cologne in a cool, dark place and it is not expired, it will last just as long as a sealed bottle. For most fragrances, this means you can use them for approximately 3 years without any obvious decrease in their quality or longevity.

To keep your bottle in the best condition possible, avoid heat and direct sunlight. Otherwise, you’ll notice a reduction in performance after just one year.

How Long Does Perfume Last In A Sealed Bottle?

There are two main factors that affect how long a fragrance will last:

  • The type of fragrance can affect its shelf life; for example, citrus and aquatic colognes and perfumes don’t last as long as woody or oriental scents.
  • The way you store your perfume bottle affects its lifespan. If you put a sealed perfume bottle in direct sunlight or expose it to heat for too long, the quality of the fragrance will diminish faster than if you keep it at room temperature in a dark place.

If you don’t store your perfume bottle in a cool and dark place, the perfume expire for about one year.

What Do You Do With Expired Cologne?

If you come across an old bottle of cologne while cleaning out the garage, is it safe to wear perfume that is beyond the date?

If you’re like most people, you probably have perfume bottles that are expired. You may be wondering if it’s still okay to wear them. The short answer is: yes, you can still wear expired cologne, but it won’t smell as good as when it was first bottled. There is an unpleasant smell you hadn’t noticed before.

Additionally, expired cologne may not have the same staying power or performance as a freshly-bottled scent. For example, the sharp citrus aromatic notes in an Armani pour homme cologne may not be as prominent if the cologne has expired.

It’s also worth mentioning that Giorgio Armani’s eau pour homme is an excellent example of a high-quality cologne that exemplifies a spontaneous and grand refreshment. The revealing eau pour homme is a perfect choice for those looking for a sharp citrus aromatic scent that lasts for years if stored properly.


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