20 Great Hobbies for Women in Their 30s

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It’s no secret that life can be overwhelming, particularly in your 30s. Everything appears to be speeding up, and you just need a second to catch your breath.

If you’re among those women who can’t take time for yourself and unwind, I’ve got some good news for you: it’s time to pick up a new hobby!

Finding a new pastime, large or little, can provide significant health advantages, especially when it’s integrated into your daily routine.

When you’re doing something you love, those few minutes or hours might seem the most memorable part of your day. When you aren’t sure what to do in life, hobbies can be daunting.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the greatest hobbies for women in their 30s, from getting active to not having to leave your bed.


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Best Hobbies for Women in Their 30s

  1. Playing video games

This is one of the fun hobbies for women in their 30s. Playing video games is a great hobby that can help sharpen your reflexes, improve hand-eye coordination, and increase your problem-solving skills.

  1. Watch stand up comedy

Going to comedy clubs can be a fun night out, but you can also watch stand-up comedy videos at home. Watching funny scene can help with your mental health and a good stress relief.

  1. Flower arranging

Arranging flowers is a creative hobby that can double as home decoration. You can take classes or watch YouTube videos to learn how to do it yourself.

  1. Wine tasting

Tasting wines is a cool hobby that can help you learn about different types of wines and how to pair them with food. This is really an interesting hobby, you can visit wineries, go on wine tours, or join a wine club.

  1. Jewelry making

This is one fund hobby ideas for women in their 30s. You can make bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry pieces to wear or give as gifts. You can learn how to make jewelry with beads, wire, or metal.

  1. Martial arts

Aside from learning self defense, you can increase your self confidence and discipline when you take up martial arts. You can attend classes or watch videos to learn different techniques. It’s truly one of the best hobbies for your physical and mental health.

  1. Vegetable garden

Gardening is a great way to get outdoors and get some exercise. You can grow your own fruits and vegetables to eat or use in recipes. You can also sell it to local farmer’s market.

  1. Rock climbing

Climbing is a great workout and it can be done indoors or outdoors. It’s also a fun hobby to do with friends. You can join a climbing gym or go on nature hikes to find trails.

  1. Writing poetry

Read or write poetry as a form of self expression. You can join a poetry club or workshop to get feedback from other poets. You can also read your work at open mic nights.

  1. Dog walking

Walking dogs is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air. You can also volunteer at a local animal shelter to walk the dogs there.  It is a great way to explore nature and get some exercise while enjoying the company of an animal.

  1. Playing tennis

Playing tennis is a great way to get some exercise and improve your hand-eye coordination. You can join a tennis club or take lessons from a pro.

  1. Bird watching

Watching birds while they fly and sing can be relaxing. You can also learn about different types of birds and their habitats. You can join a bird watching club or go on nature hikes to find good spots.

  1. Horseback riding

Riding horse is a great way to explore nature and get some exercise. You can join a horse riding club or take lessons from a pro.

  1. Sewing machine

Sewing machine work as a tranquil art form that can be used to make clothing, quilts, or other textile items. You can learn how to sew by taking classes or watching videos.

  1. Dance class

Joining a dance class is a great way to meet new people and get some exercise. You can learn different dance styles such as ballroom, salsa, or tap.

  1. Traveling

There’s nothing like exploring new places, and there are many ways to travel on a budget. You can visit different cities, hike through national parks, or take a road trip. This is a good mental and physical exercise.

  1. Calming activity

Calming activities like yoga is a relaxing hobby that can help you improve your flexibility, strength, and balance. You can do yoga at home with videos or attend classes at a studio.

  1. Learning a new language

Learning new language can be a fun and useful hobby. You can learn different languages such as Spanish, French, or Mandarin. You can take classes or use online resources to learn at your own pace.

  1. Food blogging

If you love cooking, take pictures of your dishes, and write about your experiences, then food blogging might be the perfect hobby for you. You can share your recipes, restaurant reviews, and more with the world.

  1. Reading

This is one of the best hobbies for mentally stimulating yourself. It helps improve your concentration, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills. Reading can also be a great way to relax and unwind.



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