Enjoy the Beauty of Candlelight With These Aesthetic Candle Ideas

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Beautiful, eye-catching candles are a conventional method to revitalize and refresh your house décor. Long gone are the days of traditional taper candles and uninspiring white-wax candle designs; instead, the creative new range of waxes, fragrances, and patterns have brought about a plethora of decorative candles alternatives for you to discover!

There are many methods to bring the appearance of your dreams with our numerous design concepts and Lemoulds’ DIY decorations. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a total novice, you may create the style of your choosing using our several decorating ideas and do-it-yourself additions from aesthetic candles.

To assist you in developing your own candle decorating ideas, we’ve compiled a list of examples and suggestions for decorative candle making ideas to show how varied and exciting candle design can be. Here are seven of our favorite unusual candle design solutions that will add old-world charm or modern style to your space décor without breaking the bank.

black and white candle on brown wooden holder

Aesthetic Candle Ideas

Spice Up Your Home Décor with Pillar Candles

Pillar candles are a wonderful place to start when it comes to experimenting with candle style and design ideas. These candles are simple yet distinct, requiring little in the way of decoration to achieve a beautiful look. A minimalist glass terrarium or a natural, beachy trend with colorful sand and textured shells may be explored. Whatever your preference, pillar candle design ideas are the ideal method to add some variety to your interior décor.

Explore Floating Candle Design Ideas

There are several lovely floating candle decoration ideas to try in your house if you want it to be soothing and peaceful. Why not try a simple, transparent candle holder with decorative pieces like shells or faux gems immersed in clear water to create the appearance of a spa? As a lit candle is gently suspended at the surface, this provides for an atmosphere that is similar to that of a spa.

Combine Organic & Geometric Shape Candle Decoration Ideas

The combination of soft natural lines and sharp geometric forms is one of our candle design concepts that stands out. These free-standing candles or may be enhanced with holders to bring a contemporary, modern feel to your home decor. In many cases, a simple candle may be enhanced with an artistic holder, allowing you to keep your style current while adding flair to otherwise drabber candle ideas.

Complement Home Décor with Candle Holders

Candle holders and stands have been used to complement décor for millennia, from the simplest to the most exquisite. More often than not, adding a beautiful candle holder might provide limitless opportunities for candle decorating creativity.

Whether you’re searching for a basic stand or something more striking, the possibilities for creating a beautiful candle holder to match your decor are endless. Experiment with placement around your home to enhance the aesthetics of your holders and candle design suggestions.

Artistic Candle Jar Design Ideas

A simply designed jar might be all it takes to rejuvenate your candle decorating ideas sometimes. Your creative jar designs may range from simple to complex, with bursts of color, interesting textures, and modern patterns adding a layer of interest to your home décor. You may also select attractive transparent jars to draw the attention of your more unique candle moulds without worrying about any naked flames.

Play with Height for Candle Decoration Ideas

This is one of the simplest ways to see how decorating with new candles may have a tremendous impact without much work. Molding candle designs that include varying heights is a timeless method to give your arrangements an uneven, natural look.

With only a few accents and items, like as a basic wooden tray, white pebbles, or neutral sand, you may arrange approximately seven to nine candles of various heights in an interesting design. Simply light the candles and observe how the flickerings illuminate this lovely interior décor item.

Experiment with Moulds for Your Candle Home Décor

Outside of your normal preferences, experimenting with different themes may help you improve your house décor. More and more people are rejecting traditional candle design concepts in their homes because they believe them to be outdated. By experimenting with DIY interior design, you may enjoy the beauty and flair that a one-of-a-kind candle design may provide.

Why not try some statement candle molds to challenge the current trends and concepts that surround their design before they are even lit? There are many different mould options available to you, whether you prefer Grecian sculptures, intricate geometric patterns, or even human figure silhouettes. What could be better than experimenting with our gorgeous candle moulds to discover your own unique style?

Mix Geometric and Organic Shapes

Shapes are done. Any geometric or organic form that you might conceive of has been converted into a unique candle. Design enthusiasts appear to be enthralled by the ability to integrate curved and organic curves with the rigid three-dimensional structure.

Candle holders and candles are a wonderful method to create contrast in your living room. Some of them may be stood alone, while others look incredible when paired with a minimalist holder. In many situations, the stand itself serves as the artwork in the candle arrangement.

Select Unique Candles

The variety of candle decoration ideas available makes it excruciating to purchase jar candles that blend into the rest of your design. Choose a focal point candle that would be a one-of-a-kind work of art in your space. Statement candles don’t require much else to complement the look, which is why they’re popular among minimalists everywhere.

The use of colored candles in pix has become popular recently, with the emphasis on the beauty of the human body in wax, especially the female form. Realistic wax molds are used to make sculptures that represent the human form, and they have an end result that is similar to a museum statue. Whether you burn it or not, one of these candles will add a stylish look to your space while also providing a fascinating conversation piece – it’s all up to you!

Candle Sand

Candle sand is a relatively recent and trendy design. It’s generally sold in bags with the wicks floating about inside. You may use any decorative dish you like to hold the candle sand, then cut the wicks to fit. Add a few drops of essential oils into the sand for scented candle sand.

Toy DIY Candle Holder

Make a beautiful farmhouse candle holder with kid’s toys, a plate, and some spray paint to let your creative side free. If cattle aren’t your thing, you may use a plastic kid’s toy that is more appealing to you.

This project is simple to complete. Simply line up three plastic cows and then glue a plate on top, after which paint it. Place a candle in a glass vase and place it on top of the plate.

Decorative Tealight Housing

Tealight holders come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. In this example, they’re little houses. These white and neutral homes may be used for day-to-day decor but also look great when utilized in conjunction with winter or Christmas décor for a warm atmosphere.

Painted votives

Grab a plain white votive candle and let your imagination go wild. These are painted up for Christmas and the winter season, but you may paint them any way or style that you choose.

Get creative with glass containers

Make your own candles from scratch or use old ones to store flowers in glass containers that match your current décor. You may melt down existing candles, or you may create brand-new ones.

Consider using objects outside of the typical boxes. This container is actually a drinking glass from the dollar store’s Halloween section. To make it a beautiful yet frightening piece of Halloween décor, gold foil is applied to the outside.

Use Candle Rings and Wreaths

Candle rings and wreaths are available for every season and come in a variety of greenery options. They provide a natural and earthy touch to the house while also making an eye-catching table centerpiece.

Go bold and vintage with brass

Brass candlesticks in a variety of heights and forms can give your room an antique vibe.

Sometimes Simple is Best

Simplicity is never a bad idea. Sometimes all you need are some white pillars on a basic candle stand. The simple wood stands shown here are beautiful. It’s beauty is both simple and understated.

If you’re looking for ideas for your next party or a simple yet stylish way to decorate your home, check out our list of 50 Amazing Candle Decorating Ideas, which we’ve broken down into three categories. You may now go forth and make any candle décor idea a reality!

Our tutorial has you prepared for success, whether you’re looking for the sensual curves of the body sculpture candles or the strong angles of the geometric candles. You may go ahead and start planning and buying for these beautiful candle decorating ideas to become a reality.

Browse local stores and Etsy shops to get the highest quality, handcrafted candles for your home, as well as a wonderful way to support local businesses. Set up your new candle arrangements using our styling suggestions and be sure to take a photo and share it with us on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.



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